On the outskirts of Szombathely is a real miracle if we can emerge. The old house bourgeois reminder, though peasant traditions judge an inviting whitewashed building gate crossing into cserkészhetjük. A spacious garden, solid wood furniture under the centuries-old trees and a true masterpiece, a garden with barbecue oven and stove a warm atmosphere. They won with tables under the arched porch most of my approval.

Pepper garland on the wall, the windows and geraniums on the railing next to the table birkaszőrrel covered armchair, my grandfather also been possible fine up to it, our ancestors were able to see what is good, just a lack of long-stemmed pipe happiness. The restaurant itself is spacious and intimate at the same time as well.

To make your visit a huge olive green tile stove, the petróleumlámpásra reminder chandelier and a lot of small objects, so what is likely to be the sound of love as the inn owners and furnished it held.

The meals are prepared on the basis of good old-fashioned recipes, so little else, yet so close to us line up items on the menu.

Here I met at catering dödölle, which recommended the foie gras stuffed mangalicapecsenyéhez the chef, but if a glass starts mézespálinkával, as well as the fried piggy bevállalhatja vérmesebb the guests. Dear customary to roast chestnuts ropogtathatunk middle of winter dessert Shepherd tavern.

And if that's not enough pull, the three-member Gypsy Orchestra nótánkat. According to my friend I experienced a lot of song-tempered, almost everything they know what he is. Yet the very many.